Welcome to Maid4U

Maid4U came into existence in 2007 and was officially and legally registered in 2008 as BBN CK No: 2008/243895/23

Mission: To position ourselves as the first, domestic worker employment agency to provide efficient, secured and reliable service to both our clients and employees/Domestic workers

Vision: To be the number one service provider ,to be the best in our field and to be the number one brand one brand . To evolve into a sustainable operating employment agency by perusing perfection and providing peace of mind to our clients.

What do we do

We are an employment agency, offering employment solutions to anyone who needs a helper, reliable maid nanny, cleaners, part time or full time . We hire helpers in all categories, run a back ground check on all of them i.e. ITC, Criminal records and qualification check (if any).

We train them, on a regular basis; we equipped them with the relevant skills they might need to perform their duties or to develop in future.

In addition to providing Domestic Workers, we provide after party cleaners, window cleaners, and new development cleaners, move in to a clean house cleaners and Christmas or Easter cleaners even cleaning for elderly and injured people. These contracted cleaners are appointed to clean as per the agreement on a particular day for a specific period at a specified rate (Domestic Workers Act 1997 Section 14(b)

Our Helpers/Domestic Workers

We aim to train woman from disadvantaged communities in house management ( washing ,ironing, cleaning the house etc) Cooking, Time management, First aid ,general hygiene, dealing with criminals or break inns/robbery, and other work related training ,as may be identified by the client or employee.

A SETA Accredited certificates will then be handed out at the end of each module (completion of course) .This will assist the woman in future ,should they want to grow in other sectors.

We focus on woman from rural and underprivileged back round, we want to uplift their standard of living, alleviate poverty and provide a sense of security to them.


We aim to provide an institution that provides the best service to our clients; we aim to provide peace of mind and security to our clients.

Before we place a helper, we get a clear description from the client, of the type of helper, they need (forms can be filled online or can be done by one of our closest offices)



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